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Hong Kong Mui Wo

Mui Wo

Mui Wo is a terminal for ferries, buses and taxis (blue taxis on Lantau Island). It is a good starting point for sightseeing, walking or cycling. The 70 km (43 mile) Lantau Trail forms a loop starting and finishing in Mui Wo.

Transport links to Mui Wo:
Ferry from Central, Hong Kong
(slow ferry best for photography)
Bus from Tung Chung

Lantau Trail stage 1, from the Mui Wo ferry pier, follows the Nam Shan Old Village path and passes by the Silver River and through Luk Tei Tong before going up to Nam Shan.
Nam Shan is a picnic and BBQ area where Lantau Trail stage 2 begins.
At Nam Shan you can take a bus to the Mui Wo ferry pier or to Tung Chung.

Getting there:
Follow the signs from the Mui Wo ferry pier.

Hike from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay (2-3 hours) to get great views of Mui Wo and the surrounding islands. The Trappist Monastery makes a good halfway stopping place. You can then have dinner at Discovery Bay (DB) and catch a ferry back to Central or Mui Wo.

Getting there:
Follow the well-marked coastal trail at the northern end of Tung Wan Tau Rd, Mui Wo.

Hong Kong has over 530 species of bird, about 240 species of butterfly and around 1000 feral cattle.

Lantau Island wildlife photographs:
Red Helen, Lantau Cattle, Grey Heron and Little Egret.

Mui Wo dragon boat event from the Silvermine Bay Beach.

The annual Silvermine Bay Music Festival is a free music festival on the main beach at Mui Wo. An eclectic line up of young energetic Hong Kong bands.

The Mui Wo Cultural & Heritage Centre has opened in the former school in Chung Hau Village. A short walk from the beach, free entry on Saturday and Sunday.

The Mui Wo beach shellfish harvest (white boxes hold equipment and old fan covers are sieves).

The Silver Mine river is a cool spot in Summer - the heron is not worried by the dog.

Evening ferries to Mui Wo, Hong Kong in the background.

Hong Kong from Mui Wo