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About Hong Kong

Cantonese, a dialect of Chinese, is spoken by most people. Mandarin, China’s official dialect, has become more popular since 1997. English is on official signs and used in public transport announcements. Most taxi drivers, salespeople, tourism industry employees and police are competent in English.

The cards below show a few places of interest.

Lanatu Island Waterfalls

waterfall lower waterfall upper

Kowloon Nan Lian

Nan Lian Garden Nunnery

HK Island Day & Night

Hong Kong at night Hong Kong

Lantau Island Big Buddha

Big Buddha Gateway

Islands Lamma Island

Lamma Island Lamma Island beach

What to bring

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate with cool dry winters and hot wet summers.
Between May and November there are occasional tropical cyclones.

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You may need
good walking shoes,

(rain & sunshine),

sun screen,
sun glasses,

water bottle

Tips for safer hiking:
● Choose a hiking trail suitable for your ability.
● Do not hike when the weather is bad or too hot.
● Take food, water and sunscreen.
● Carry a detailed map, compass and a fully-charged mobile phone.
● Never hike alone.
Remember to drink, drink, drink.



Typhoons (NW Pacific Ocean), Hurricanes (Atlantic & NE Pacific Oceans) and Cyclones (Indian Ocean).
July, August and September are the typhoon months.
A storm's track and progress is broadcast in local news. Signs are in all public places, hotel lobbies, MTR stations, etc.

1When a storm could become a typhoon.
3Strong winds expected with heavy rain. Public transportation still runs - harbour cruises may be cancelled. Some stores and businesses may close.
8Gale winds or stronger winds are imminent. Everything closes at this point including taxis / ferries / trains / flights.
9Gale or storm force winds expected to increase significantly in strength.
10The eye of the storm to pass very close or directly over Hong Kong (see video below).

On 23 Aug. 2017, severe typhoon Hato hit Hong Kong (the first Signal No.10 for 5 yrs).
The infra-red satellite video shows formation of the typhoon eye (no sound).

Weather warning history

Raising warnings - 1930s


The South China Morning Post (SCMP) is a Hong Kong English language newspaper. The first edition of the paper published in 1903. In 2016, the Alibaba Group completed the acquisition of the paper.


The standard electrical supply is 220V AC, 50Hz. Electrical outlets take a 3-pronged UK-style plug.
Hong Kong has 2 electricity suppliers:
CLP Power and HK Electric.
All coal-fired plants will stop by 2027.



According to a 2017 report by Akamai, Hong Kong ranked fourth fastest in the world with an average Wi-fi speed of 21.9 Mbps.
Government Wi-Fi Programme (
GovWiFi) provides free wireless Internet access services. Wi-Fi facilities located at designated Government premises.
Foreign visitors can enjoy Internet access at designated tourist spots.



About 70 to 80% of Hong Kong's fresh water comes from Dongjiang and 20 to 30% from local catchments. Hong Kong enjoys one of the safest water supplies in the world.
The average chloroform level in Hong Kong’s water has remained at less than 50 mcg/l. An addition of 0.5 mg/l of fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.

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Hong Kong water supply


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Hong Kong from Mui Wo